Why choose Apton for Pre-vinyled  Plasterboard

Apton pre-vinyled plasterboards are an effective way of eliminating wet trades on site and therefore reducing time on site.


Office Partitioning Components

Apton are able to offer both undecorated and vinyl decorated plasterboards up to a width of 1.2m wide, 12mm thick and up to 3.0 metres suitable for a wide range of applications for Wall linings, Stud Partitioning and clean rooms.



Plasterboard Services and Solutions

  • Standard Plasterboard

Plasterboards are available in both Tapered and Square Edge. Suitable for most situations where normal structural, acoustic and fire levels are specified.

  • Water Resistant Plasterboard

Water or Moisture Resistant plasterboard has water repellent additives. Suitable as a base for tiling areas in bathrooms or where specified in areas that are likely to get wet.

  • Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic performance plasterboard has a higher density core for use where improved sound insulation is required. Available in tapered edge. You can use other sound proofing materials with these boards to get further sound performance.

  • Impact Resistant Plasterboard

Rooms that need extra protection against impacts require durable boards made with glass fibre to prolong the life of these walls. More suitable for children’s play areas or as a consideration for wheelchair use.

  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Fire Resistant plasterboards are made with glass fibre and other additives in the core for greater fire protection. Specific fire retardant coverings can be considered to further increase the fire protection.