Frameless Glazed Partitioning Systems- Quartz

Frameless Single Glazed 27/32mm

The single glazed frameless partitioning system is the perfect choice, when maximum natural light and an aesthetically pleasing interior design are essential.

The profile is 27/32mm wide x 27mm high and can be incorporated with any of our other demountable solid systems.

This is the ideal single glazed frameless partitions system that creates privacy and allow as much natural light into your office space as possible. A number of deflection details are available.

Quartz single glazed 1.jpg

Frameless Single Central Glazed 100mm

At 100mm wide, this single glazed frameless partition systems allows the continuation of the interior aesthetic, from  frameless single central glazed office partitioning, while utilizing the same width profile.

Central Glazed office partitioning system.jpg
Double Glazed partitioning Quartz1.jpg

A versatile frameless double glazed frameless partitioning system that offers numerous combinations for both glass size and specification, ensuring a wide range of acoustic ratings can be achieved.

The frameless double glazed office partition solution creates a feeling of acoustic privacy without altering the visual of an open office.


A number of deflection head details are available.

Frameless Double Glazed 100mm

Quartz 54 2.jpg

Our minimal frameless slimline double glazed office partitioning system, provides high acoustic performance.


This is combined with sleek profiles and a purpose designed micro door frame, making it the number one choice, for both interior designers and architects alike.

Frameless Double Glazed 54mm


This frameless double glazed office partitioning system, can be supplied in either 54mm or 100mm, ensuring a high acoustic resistance is achieved.

The integration of mullion posts, enables a seamless

transition from glass to timber and back to glass, providing endless design options.

Frameless Double Glazed Blend

Frameless Linear – Aluminium Banded Glazing

Frameless Linear system is our aluminium banded glazed office partition system offered in either quartz single or double glazed partitioning system, supplied complete with aluminum strips in various widths. 

This is perfect to create that industrial style look.


The aluminum strips are available in four different width sizes, all supplied pre finished, complete with double sided tape, ready to apply to the glass partition

Frameless linear office partitioning system


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